Nino-hist’s Documentation


Hist is a powerful Histogramming tool for analysis based on boost-histogram (the binding of the Histogram library in Boost). It is a friendly analysis-focused project that uses boost-histogram as a backend to do the work, but provides plotting tools, shortcuts, and new ideas. Nino-Hist is the warm up project for hist, which aims to provide functional supports and add new features for hist. It is written in the Python programming language and is available on almost all platforms.

To get an idea of creating histograms in Nino-hist looks like, take a look at the Examples. Once you have a feel for what is involved in using Nino-hist, we recommend you start by following the instructions in Installation. Then, go through the User Guide, and read the Reference documentation. We value your contributions and you can follow the instructions in Development. Finally, if you’re having problems, please do let us know at our Support page.

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